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June 1993 Ephemera

This weekend we remember Conway on the 28th anniversary of his death. How can it possibly have been that long? I still remember that tragic day and what I was doing when I heard the news like it was yesterday. I know some people probably think it's crazy to feel such a strong emotional attachment to someone you never met, but short of the loss of close family and beloved pets, I've shed more tears for him than anyone else. Even after all these years this is a very difficult day for me.

One of my favorite things to collect on Conway is ephemera. Paper items are so readily thrown away by most people, making them more of a challenge to find and all the more special when you do. Today's spotlight is on some of my most notable newspapers, clippings, and magazines from June 1993.

Thanks to good friends and fellow collectors I've been able to get my hands on some of the newspapers that came out in Nashville the week of his death, which was also Fan Fair week. This is the front section of The Tennessean from Sunday, June 6th. They did an amazing job with their coverage in spite of his death coming as such a complete shock to everyone. I adore the photo they used on the front page and would love to have an 8x10 of it.

The day after Conway's June 9th memorial service The Tennessean included a special 12 page insert in the paper titled Final Touches. It's a beautiful retrospective on his life and career.

The Nashville Banner from June 7th

Various commemorative magazines

These are newspaper clippings from USA Today and my small local paper, both the front page and inside articles. This was long before my collection officially began, but I cut them out and tucked them inside one of the tribute magazines. I've never been a very organized person so I can't help but think my preserving them in this way was a premonition of the collector I would one day become.
Billboard magazine remembers

I found People magazine's single page tribute to be a huge disappointment. For a rock & roll pioneer and country music legend it was woefully inadequate, especially when other musicians have had entire commemorative issues dedicated to them. 

On the other hand, in a life void of scandal unlike so many of his peers, they summed him up as exactly what he was, a country gentleman. And that's one of the many, many reasons I will always be...crazy in love with Conway.

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing when you found out we'd lost Conway? Did you save any newspapers or magazines from that time?


  1. I sure do I was at work as the Front End Mgr@RiteDrugs in Pacolet,SC. I called my boss crying m said I had to go home. He said I couldnt n I told bimbo was going n if he didnt like it he knew where to pick up my keys at. Needless to say I went home he didnt come get my keys.

  2. i have no idea what I was doing back then. I wish I had saved newspapers so I could give them to you. XO


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